Smart Meters (Digital Utility Meters)

Many utility companies around the country and world are transitioning from analog meters to SMART meters for keeping track of consumers’ gas, electricity, and/or water use. From a wireless radiation standpoint, this is not a good thing for consumers. Why? Because many SMART meters use digital signals to transmit consumption information to utility companies wirelessly. These meters emit quite a bit of wireless radiation into buildings and also create high levels of dirty electricity on electrical wiring.

Many people have reported unpleasant symptoms after a SMART meter was placed on their home or place of business. Some of these symptoms include headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, ringing in their ears, poor sleep, and more.


Best Options


  • If you already have a SMART meter, talk with your utility company about having it replaced with an analog meter. If your utility company is willing to do this, ask whether there will be any charges for replacing the meter and maintaining it over time.
  • If you currently have an analog meter, but your utility company is planning to transition to SMART meters, talk to the company about “opting out” of its SMART meter program. Some utility companies will allow you to do this, in which case you can keep your analog meter. Make sure to ask whether there will be any charges associated with opting out.

NOTE: Utility companies will often claim that the “non-ionizing” microwave radiation emitted by their SMART meters is completely safe. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that shows connections between non-ionizing radiation and negative health effects. Keep this in mind when talking to your utility company.


If you have a smart meter and can’t get rid of it….


  • Consider purchasing a SMART meter guard. These typically slip right over the meter itself, and help block the radiation emitted by the unit.
  • In addition, it is often necessary to shield the interior wall behind the SMART meter with shielding paint, fabric, or another material.

NOTE: It is important to use an RF meter to measure radiation levels before and after installing SMART meter guards and other shielding materials. This will help ensure that you’ve installed the materials correctly, that they are working, and that there are no unintended consequences.

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