Creating a Sound Sleep Environment

There is convincing scientific evidence that electro-pollution can interfere with our ability to get restful sleep. Because sound sleep is so essential for good health, it is important to make an effort to reduce electro-pollution in your home at night. Here are some ways to cut down on wireless radiation, dirty electricity, and AC electric and magnetic fields in your sleep environment.

  • If you have a Wi-Fi network in your home, turn it off overnight. You can do this manually or set up a timer to turn the modem/router off and back on at specified times.
  • Do not sleep with your cell phone or other wireless devices under your pillow, on your nightstand, or anywhere in your bedroom if possible. It is best to turn these devices off and place them in another room.
  • If you need to charge wireless devices overnight, do it as far from your bedroom as possible, and make sure the devices are turned off or placed in airplane mode while charging.
  • Use a battery-operated alarm clock rather than a clock that runs on electricity. Electric alarm clocks emit strong magnetic fields. (If you don’t want to give up your electric alarm clock, place it as far from your bed as possible.)
  • At night, turn off and unplug other items in your bedroom that run on electricity. Or, simply turn off the circuit breaker to your bedroom overnight. This will help reduce the AC electric fields, magnetic fields, and dirty electricity that radiate off the wiring and from AC-powered equipment/devices. (Keep a flashlight handy in case you need to get up in the night.)
  • At night, turn off computers and non-essential equipment/appliances in other parts of your house too. If you need to keep one or more computers on for some reason, make sure their wireless functionality is turned off.
  • Do not position your bed against a wall that has a circuit breaker panel or large electric appliance (e.g., refrigerator, water heater, furnace) directly behind it in another room.
  • If there is a circuit breaker panel in your bedroom, look at having it moved to another location, preferably a room where you and others spend little time.
  • If you have a smart meter on or near your home, talk to your utility company about replacing it with an analog meter. If this is not possible, look into strategies for shielding both the meter and the wall behind it.
  • Install dirty electricity filters strategically throughout your home to reduce the radio frequency energy radiating off your wiring.

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