I suffer from severe asthma and have for some time. I installed Greenwave filters in my apartment on a Sunday and by Tuesday I was breathing much better and using my fast-action inhaler 3 times a day as opposed to 10 times a day. I wouldn’t live without Greenwave filters.

San Anselmo, CA

I used to dread coming home after a 12-hour nursing shift. I would often get home and have to deal with an issue or incident that my babysitter had with one or both of my children. Since installing Greenwave filters, my children are calmer and behaving much better. In six weeks, I have not had a single complaint from the babysitter.

– Michelle
Corte Madera, CA

The last seven filters you sent me went to a 57-year-old hairdresser in Tralee, County Kerry. She has been heavily medicated for asthma for over a decade, but since Christmas she has been going downhill with coughing and shortness of breath. After just one night with the filters, the coughing stopped and her shortness of breath greatly improved.

– Michael C
Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland

A new patient came in for treatment who had high blood pressure in her last trimester of pregnancy. At her obstetrician’s office and at home, her blood pressures ran high, but in my office, even before her treatment her blood pressure was absolutely normal. She was completely shocked. Now, I could say it was due to my “healing” presence (wink) or the energy clearing tool I use, but it could also be the Greenwave filters I had in the room. I don’t know for sure, but I think you’ve got a great product there! I’m going to keep using them.

Our son is calmer – he seems less frazzled and happier.

– Laura
San Carlos, CA

Recently, the utility company installed a “smart-meter” on my house. As I am sensitive to wi-fi and cellular technologies, I know what these things do, and thought I would take care of the problem by blocking the signal using a faraday cage and interior shielding. Unfortunately, I noticed that I was still having difficulty sleeping and concentrating. I have base-board electric heating, and every time the heaters went on, I noticed a shift in my well-being. I heard about “dirty power” several months ago and concluded that this was the issue. I did a search on the internet and found you guys… and I must say I am really impressed by your product. Since I installed the filters, the change in my peace of mind, focus and clarity is beyond words. I rarely give feedback of any kind unless I am really floored by a product. I will tell everyone I know… about your filters.

– DS
Golden, CO


Greenwave offers a meter and filters for measuring and reducing the dirty electricity present on electrical wiring in homes, schools, businesses, and other settings. Why is this important? Because dirty electricity can interfere with the