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Create Healthier Spaces for Living, Learning, Working, and More!

These days, many people are striving to “live healthy.” They eat well, exercise regularly, and nurture their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Many are also choosing products that are free of chemicals and other toxins known to cause problems for people and the environment. Organic foods, natural personal care items, “green” household products, air purifiers, water filters, and many similar choices are more popular than ever.

At Greenwave, we believe a CLEAN ELECTRICAL ENVIRONMENT — one low in EMF pollution — is an important piece of this healthy living puzzle. Our mission is to help people create healthier spaces for living, learning, work, and more. How? By offering products and tips for cleaning up unhealthy EMF pollution in homes, schools, businesses, and other settings.

What Is EMF Pollution?

EMF pollution is potentially harmful, man-made electromagnetic energy created by modern electronics, appliances, lighting solutions, solar power systems, wireless devices, and more. It is also known as electromagnetic fields (EMF), electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electrosmog, and electropollution.

We can’t see or smell EMF pollution, but it now pervasive in our homes, schools, businesses, and other settings. Unfortunately, a growing body of scientific evidence points to concerning connections between this type of pollution and a wide variety of health problems, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, ALS (i.e., Lou Gehrig’s disease), autism, ADD/ADHD, sleep disturbances, allergy symptoms, muscle & joint pain, and much more.

Education & Solutions


There are 4 types of EMF pollution common in most homes and other settings today — dirty electricity, wireless radiation, AC electric fields (ELF), and AC magnetic fields (ELF). Greenwave can help you learn about these types of EMF and how to reduce your exposure to each. Start exploring below!