Greenwave International specializes in products and tips for “cleaning up” dirty electricity and other types of unhealthy EMF pollution in homes, schools, businesses, and other settings.

Our Mission and Work

Executive Team

Chief Product Officer

Richard Lear is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Greenwave International, Inc. He has worked in technology for 22 years and founded five Silicon Valley-based businesses. Since 2006, Richard has been researching the impacts of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on health and society. He has penned more than a dozen articles on the subject and is currently writing a book, The Theta Factor, which explores connections between environmental factors and the explosion of 36 diseases in the U.S. since 1990.

Richard graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics (with honors). Earlier he pursued pre-medicine and engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Vice President, Operations & Customer Care

Gene Zaccor is Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations & Customer Care for Greenwave International, Inc. Gene brings over 18 years of success in technology sector consulting to Greenwave. He excels at proactively managing and leading time-sensitive projects and developing targeted project plans. He also has deep expertise in product marketing and management.

Gene graduated magna cum laude from St. Johns University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

Director, Education & Communications

Kim O’Neill Lear is Director of Education & Communications for Greenwave International. She has primary responsibility for Greenwave communications and messaging, including developing website content, press releases, and a variety of written materials and articles related to EMF pollution, Greenwave products, and more. She brings to Greenwave two decades of experience in research, writing, and education. Prior to joining Greenwave, Kim worked as a Senior Research Associate for WestEd, a leading educational consulting firm in San Francisco, CA.

Kim has a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in International Political Economy from the University of California at Berkeley and a master’s degree in Education from Stanford University. She is currently pursuing certification as an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist through the Building Biology Institute.

Our Story

When we founded Greenwave in 2009, we had one overarching mission in mind… Helping people create healthier spaces for living, learning, work, and more.

We believed then, and even more strongly now, that the physical places where people spend time – home, school, work, etc. – play an important role in health and well-being. Healthy spaces can contribute to good health, while unhealthy spaces can have the opposite effect.

We understand that many factors influence the “healthiness” of homes and other buildings. Our work centers around one key factor, EMF pollution (i.e., the artificial electromagnetic fields/radiation created by electricity, modern electronics, wireless devices, and more). Experts estimate that our exposure to this type of pollution is now millions of times higher than just 100 years ago or even 30 years ago. You can’t see it or smell it, but EMF pollution is all around us and has been linked with a wide variety of health issues.

Greenwave wants to raise awareness about EMF pollution and to provide people with tips and products for reducing their everyday exposure to this fast-growing environmental contaminant.

Our journey began in 2009 with a focus on one particular type of EMF pollution, DIRTY ELECTRICITY. We developed a meter for measuring the dirty electricity in buildings and plug-in filters to help reduce this type of EMF in homes and other settings. Since opening, we’ve produced and tested six generations of plug-in filters with the goal of continually improving their performance and features. Our filters are safety certified and RoHS compliant. They also offer added features such as a built-In outlet for plug through convenience.

This year, we are excited to be expanding our focus to more types of EMF pollution. In addition to dirty electricity solutions, we will be introducing strategies and products for measuring and reducing exposure to wireless radiation (i.e., EMF from wireless devices and infrastructure) and to power frequency EMFs (i.e., the extremely low frequency AC electric and magnetic fields from standard 50/60 Hz, 120V electricity).

At Greenwave, we believe a clean electrical environment (i.e., one low in EMF pollution) is an important ingredient in healthy living. We hope you find the tips and products offered here helpful in your journey to create healthier spaces for you and your loved ones.