Greenwave International Affiliate Program

Thank you so much for your interest in Greenwave International’s Affiliate Program. Greenwave affiliates are able to earn commissions for referrals to our website that result in online sales. Here is how the program works in a nutshell.

As a Greenwave affiliate, you can add Greenwave referral links to your website, social media posts, blog posts, and email campaigns. Whenever a customer clicks one of these links, and then purchases DIRTY ELECTRICITY products (i.e., Greenwave filters and/or EMI meter) from our online store, you will earn a 12% commission on the sale. At the end of each quarter, you will be paid for your total commissions.




   January – March Referrals   Typically paid in MAY or JUNE
   April – June Referrals   Typically paid in AUGUST or SEPTEMBER
   July – September Referrals   Typically paid in NOVEMBER or DECEMBER
   October – December Referrals   Typically paid in FEBRUARY or MARCH (of following year)


If you would like, you can also get an affiliate coupon code and share your 12% commission with your customers. For example, customers who use your code when making a purchase from our online store could receive a 5% discount on their purchase and you could receive a 7% commission on the sale. You may give your affiliate coupon code directly to your customers in person or via your website, social media posts, and email campaigns. We do NOT allow affiliates to list their Greenwave coupon codes on coupon websites.

If you have any questions about our affiliate program or have already signed up and would like to get an affiliate coupon code, please contact Kim Lear at [email protected] or 1-720-310-8499.

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