Why is dirty electricity a 2020 problem?

Written by Anthony Bear

August 29, 2019

I know. You are thinking “Dirty Electricity!? What a bunch of hullaballo!” Unfortunately, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this isn’t some new age concoction spun from thin air just to sell you something. It is a real thing. What you should be asking is, if Dirty Electricity is real then why are we only now finding out about it.

The answer: it didn’t really exist before the advent of these tricky little complex devices that are now imbedded in almost everything. Let me explain.


Back in the days of Edison, electricity was so much simpler. It was the electricity itself that was a marvel. You may remember (or maybe you don’t) something like the red wire goes to the red screw and the green wire goes to the green screw and Voila! Let there be light.

I remember being a kid and taking apart the television set in the garage. Boy were my parents upset. But before my capture and scolding, I remember seeing the actual wires and tubes (that is why they called it the tube). It was really a pretty simple device when it was first invented.

Everything back then was pretty simple. It may be news to some of you millennials but cars in the 80s actually had non-computerized carburetors? In fact, you could just take them apart and fix them just like that without any need for a specialized, computerized diagnostic tool from the manufacturer. These days every car looks like a computer under the hood.

In fact, just last week, our washing machine broke because the computer went out. Do we really need a computer to select between hot and cold or colors and whites? Seriously people. And then, we went to buy a new countertop water heater, for making tea, and wouldn’t you know it we found one with over 30 setting and it had (you guessed it) a motherboard inside of it. You might be surprised to know that we just bought a good old-fashioned tea kettle. Some things really should not be computerized.


Well, it turns out the only thing these electronic motherboards are doing with their miniscule circuitry is redirecting the electric streams of energy to whirl in more and more complicated circuits. These complex circuits are filtering, squeezing, and transforming the voltage and amperage, thereby manipulating these gullible baby electrons into a dizzying dance of ones and zeros. There you have it – computers demystified.

Now you may be familiar with the law of thermodynamics that says energy cannot be created or destroyed. Well, what happens as these electrons are whirling about, they are loosing little bits here and there at every turn. Imagine a sort of packed dancefloor at a boisterous night club where each electron is trying desperately not to spill their drinks. Well, we all know what that floor looks like at the end of the night.

These motherboard circuits are leaking electrical frequencies that have not been observed before. They create what is now coming to be known as erratic spikes of electrical energy. In other words, they are leaking electricity into our living environment. And what is the only reason that it is becoming a bigger problem? Everything has computers in it.


What are we going to do about this!? First, you can thank me for alerting you to another unseen obstacle in the health gauntlet that we are so delicately trying to navigate our kids through. But, are you really supposed to stop buying anything computerized, like flat screen TVs and computers and washers and dryers and refrigerators and … ok, slow down! This just comes with the territory. It is after all almost 2020. And just like back in the days when we all realized that tap water was really not good for us (if this is news to you then you better catch up), it is time to wake up to the reality of electrical pollution that is all around us.

And luckily, that is why Greenwave is here. We are working to solve these growing problems everyday. We are a small company with a big mission, to help humans understand the health impacts of modern technology and to clean it up. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will walk you through it – free of charge.

Thanks for reading this and supporting us. And please, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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