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This dirty electricity filter is designed for use in European countries and other areas of the world with electrical sockets that can accept a Schuko plug (Type E or F plug). It is compatible with AC 50/60 Hz, 220-240 V electrical systems.

The Spectrum 2500-EF includes a built-in electrical outlet at it’s base for plug-through convenience. The filter is safety certified (CE, Intertek/SEMKO) and RoHS compliant. RoHS standards restrict the use of specific hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, phthalates, etc. in electrical and electronic products.

Choose the specific number of filters you want for your home, business, workplace, etc. (Not sure how many filters you will need? See full product description below for general guidelines to estimate your filter needs.)

The effectiveness of Greenwave filters can be measured with Greenwave’s Broadband EMI Meter. We strongly recommend this meter for guiding the installation of dirty electricity filters. It can help you determine the best number of filters to install in each room and where to place the filters for optimal results. It can also help you troubleshoot problems, such as resonance, that occasionally arise during installation.

$15 meter discount with the purchase of 8 or more filters. Use coupon code meter15 at checkout.

See full Product Description below for details about Greenwave filters, including a few important safety precautions.


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Greenwave-SOLS filters significantly reduce the amount of DIRTY ELECTRICITY flowing along the wiring in homes and other buildings. This is an effective and practical way to clean up this type of EMF pollution. The less dirty electricity there is traveling along building wires, the less that will radiate into your environment.



The term DIRTY ELECTRICITY refers to erratic surges and spikes of electrical energy traveling along power lines and building wires, where only standard AC electricity should be. Dirty electricity is ONE of four types of EMF pollution now common in homes and other settings. It is also known as electrical noise, line noise power line EMI (electromagnetic interference), and microsurge electrical pollution.

Dirty electricity is created by modern electronics, appliances, energy-efficient lights, and many other devices that run on electricity. Why? Because many of these devices no longer use standard AC electricity “as is.” Instead, they must change or manipulate electrical current in one way or another to operate. For example, many electrical devices must convert standard 50/60-Hertz AC electricity (alternating current) into other forms of electricity [such lower voltage direct current (DC) or higher frequency AC] to operate. And, many devices now draw power from wiring intermittently, in short bursts or pulses (rather than continuously), by turning the flow of power to a device “on” and “off” repeatedly, sometimes thousands of times per second.

These processes interrupt the smooth flow of standard AC electricity, creating harmonics and erratic spikes of electrical energy known as voltage transients. Once created, this unusable “dirty electricity” spreads throughout a building and even to other buildings via wiring, power lines, and other means. As it travels, dirty electricity radiates potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) into environments where we live, learn, work, play, and more.

Dirty electricity can interfere with the proper functioning of appliances and electronic equipment, and more importantly, with natural electrical processes within the human body. Exposure to dirty electricity and other types of EMF pollution has been associated with a wide variety of health problems such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, sleep disturbances, fatigue, skin rashes and tingling sensations, allergy symptoms, headaches, muscle and joint pain, brain fog, memory loss, ADHD/ADD symptoms, depression, anxiety, and more.



Greenwave-SOLS filters use the latest electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering technology to significantly reduce harmonics and voltage transients present on the wiring in buildings. This is an effective and practical way to target this particular type of EMF pollution. The less dirty electricity there is flowing along building wires, the less that will radiate into your environment.

The filters simply plug into electrical outlets and multi-socket power strips. They “short out” (shunt) erratic surges/spikes of electrical energy (i.e., dirty electricity), while allowing standard 50/60-Hertz AC current to pass through unimpeded.

(NOTE: Greenwave-SOLS filters are ‘passive.’ Installing them should not increase actual electrical power consumption in your environment. The current is orthogonal to the voltage field (i.e., 90 degrees), therefore, current from the filters is out of phase with voltage and does not create electrical consumption.)




  • Easy to use!
    Simply plug the filters into outlets and multi-socket power strips for immediate results.
  • Built-in (integrated) outlet for plug-through convenience.
    Greenwave-SOLS filter models include a built-in outlet (female socket) at their base. When necessary, you can plug electronics and other devices into the filters to access power.
  • Safety certified and environmentally friendly.
    Greenwave-SOLS filters meet rigorous electrical safety standards (e.g., CE, Intertek/SEMKO) and are RoHS compliant. RoHS regulations restrict the use of specific hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, phthalates, etc. in electronic and electrical products.



For best results, we recommend installing Greenwave filters throughout your environment. The number of filters needed will depend on the size of the building or space where you want to install them (e.g., # of rooms), the type of electrical supply to your home or building, and on the concentration of electronics, appliances, energy-efficient lights, and other electrical devices in each room. It will also be influenced by the amount of dirty electricity entering your electrical system from outside sources. Here are some general guidelines to help estimate your filter needs.

Home Environments:
In European homes, 1 – 2 filters are generally needed to reduce dirty electricity in a medium-sized room. Rooms with a high concentration of electronics, household appliances, energy-saving lights, and other electrical devices often require more than 2 filters (e.g., 3 or 4). A total of 7 to 15 filters is typically needed to reduce dirty electricity to reasonable levels in an average-sized home. (NOTE: The European General Installation Guidelines included in the Spectrum 2500-EF filter instructions provide suggestions for the number of filters needed in European homes.

European schools usually need 1 – 3 filters per classroom.

Workplace Settings:
European workplace settings generally require 1 filter for every 10 square meters and a few more if dirty electricity levels are high.

Please keep in mind that these are estimates and provide a good starting place for thinking about the number of filters you will need. For best accuracy, a Greenwave Broadband EMI Meter is suggested. If you would like additional help determining your filter needs, please contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-506-6098 or 1-415-275-3485.



$60 USD per filter

This price does NOT include taxes or custom/duty fees that you may be required to pay upon delivery.



The effectiveness of the filters can be measured using Greenwave’s Broadband EMI Meter. Simply plug the meter into electrical outlets to measure the amount of dirty electricity on nearby wiring before and after installing filters. The meter is also an excellent tool for identifying sources of dirty electricity in your environment and guiding the installation of Greenwave-SOLS filters. It can help you determine the best number of filters to install in each room and where to place the filters for optimal results.



If you are not completely satisfied with Greenwave filters, you may return them to Greenwave International within 60 days of purchase for a refund or credit. A 5% restocking fee may be imposed for returns, unless the return is due to a manufacturer defect in the product or a shipping error. For detailed information about Greenwave’s return policy and filter disclaimer, refer to our terms and conditions.



Click the following link to view installation instructions for the Spectrum 2500-EF filter:
FILTER INSTRUCTIONS (Spectrum 2500-EF Filter)



Plug-in dirty electricity filters are not always compatible with solar energy systems and the storage back-up units they use. Check with your solar system manufacturer before installing Greenwave filters.

Greenwave filters and other dirty electricity filters that utilize capacitance technology should NOT be used in buildings being powered by a generator (for example during power outages). If you have a generator to provide electricity during power outages or at other times, UNPLUG dirty electricity filters while the generator is operating to avoid possible damage to your generator, filters, and/or other equipment, appliances, and systems in your environment. The filters can be plugged back in when your home or building has returned to grid-supplied power and your generator is no longer running.

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Dimensions 5.71 × 3.94 × 2.64 in


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