Greenwave Can Help Calm the Electrical Energy in Your Living Space

Written by Kim Lear

December 17, 2019

Over the past two decades, the prevalence of electronics and “green” technologies in homes and other settings has skyrocketed. Americans have purchased more than a billion new electronic and energy-efficient devices, such as smart phones, computers, laptops, tablets, game consoles, big screen TVs, cordless phones, compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs, and a new generation of smart appliances.

When plugged-in and operating (or charging), these and many other modern electrical devices produce DIRTY ELECTRICITY, also known as electrical noise, line noise, power line EMI (electromagnetic interference), and microsurge electrical pollution. A growing body of scientific research suggests that dirty electricity and other types of EMF pollution may be detrimental to our health!

What Is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity is a popular term used to describe surges and spikes of electromagnetic energy that travel along power lines and building wiring where only “clean” AC electricity should be. This type of EMF pollution is created by many electronics, appliances, energy-efficient lights, and other devices that run on electricity. It has increased dramatically in homes and other settings in recent years. Why? Because many modern devices no longer use conventional AC electricity “as is.” Instead, they must change or manipulate electrical voltage or current in one way or another to operate.

Many electronics, for example, must convert standard 60 Hertz, 120 Volt AC electricity (alternating current) to lower voltage DC electricity (direct current) to run. This conversion process, and others like it, create surges and spikes of energy known as harmonics and voltage transients. Once created, this “dirty electricity” can spread throughout a building and even to other buildings via wiring and power lines, radiating potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) into living and work spaces.

Common sources of dirty electricity include computers, printers, TVs, gaming systems, WiFi modems/routers, modern appliances, battery chargers, CFLs, LED lightbulbs, light dimmer switches, energy-efficient appliances, solar power systems, and much more.

Stress Connection

It has long been accepted that mental and emotion stress from financial worries, pressures at work, relationship struggles, etc., can lead to biological changes in our bodies and a host of unpleasant physical symptoms, such as inflammation, weakened immunity, brain fog, headaches, fatigue, and even chronic diseases. Now, scientific studies suggest that these and other stress symptoms may also result from exposure to environmental factors, including chemicals, pesticides, and even electromagnetic radiation (EMR). But how can electromagnetic energy affect our health?

We are Electrical Creatures

Humans are highly electrical creatures. For example, the health of our hearts and brains is measured by their electrical activity using EKGs and EEGs. Every cell in our body carries an electrical charge. Our central nervous system and autonomic nervous system both utilize electrical signaling to transmit critical biological messages. In fact, the sophisticated communications of our nervous system act very much like a human Internet.

So what happens when we are exposed to dirty electricity? Scientists believe this chaotic electrical energy can couple to our bodies and create biological harm. For example, the artificial electromagnetic fields from dirty electricity and other EMF pollution may interfere with the natural “electrical” communication in our bodies, interrupting essential biological functions and triggering a variety of adverse health symptoms and more serious problems over time.

Research shows that exposure to dirty electricity can lead to inflammation, headaches, lack of focus, irritability, and anxiety. It has also been linked to ADHD, behavioral problems, joint pain, poor sleep, fatigue, and low energy. Studies also point to possible connections between dirty electricity and multiple cancers. For example, at one Southern California school, where there was a suspected cancer cluster among teachers, scientists showed a statistically significant link to dirty electricity for several cancers. Teachers at the school experienced malignant melanoma, thyroid cancer, and uterine cancer at 9.8 times, 13 times, and 9.2 times the expected rates respectively (Sam Milham and Lloyd Morgan).

Studies at several other schools showed improved attention, focus, participation, and behavior after steps were taken to reduce high levels of dirty electricity at the facilities (Magda Havas).

So what are some solutions for reducing your exposure to potentially unhealthy dirty electricity (EMI)?

One strategy is to remove devices and types of lighting known to create high levels of dirty electricity (EMI). For example, energy-efficient lights, dimmer switches, and devices with AC adapters or switch mode power supplies are common sources of dirty electricity in most homes. Replacing compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) with old-style incandescent bulbs or 120 Volt (V) halogen bulbs can be one path toward calming your electrical environment. Similarly, changing dimmer switches to regular ON/OFF switches can have the same effect.

Eliminating all devices with AC adapters or switch mode power supplies may be much more challenging because so many electronics and other devices we use today include these transformers. The good news is there are also filters you can install in outlets and/or at your electrical panel to significantly reduce the level of dirty electricity present on your wiring. The idea is simple. The less dirty electricity there is flowing along building wires, the less that will radiate into your environment.

The GREENWAVE FILTERS featured in the video below are easy to use. Simply plug them into electrical outlets for immediate results. The filters are UL certified for electrical safety and also RoHS compliant. RoHS regulations limit or ban the use of specific hazardous materials (e.g., lead, mercury, cadmium, phthalates, etc.) in electronics and other electrical devices. The effectiveness of Greenwave filters can be measured with a plug-in EMI meter (a.k.a. line noise meter, microsurge meter). This type of meter is also helpful for guiding the installation of dirty electricity filters for best results.

It is amazing to think that by calming your electrical environment, you can create a calmer, healthier living environment. But, when you think about how critical internal electrical activity is to our bodies and health, it is not much of a stretch to imagine how removing chaotic electrical energy from your surroundings can create a calming effect and possibly more. Consider taking steps today to clean up your electrical environment!

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