Greenwave Broadband EMI Meter (Dirty Electricity Meter)

Greenwave’s Broadband EMI Dirty Electricity Meter is a revolutionary device for accurately measuring the level of dirty electricity on the wiring in buildings. This type of electro-pollution is also known as electrical noise, line noise, and power line EMI (electromagnetic interference).

The meter can be used to measure dirty electricity levels in different areas of homes and other settings and to see the difference filters make in reducing this undesirable electrical noise. It is also an excellent tool for guiding the installation of dirty electricity filters.

Key Features

  • Easy to use!
    Simply plug the meter into electrical outlets to find out how much dirty electricity is present on nearby wiring. The electronic display shows readings in millivolts (mV), a standard electrical unit of measure.
  • Makes “BEFORE filter” and “AFTER filter” comparisons easy.
    This dirty electricity meter can display “BEFORE filter” and “AFTER filter” measurements on the same screen simultaneously, making comparisons simple.
  • Lets you listen to dirty electricity – Hear the difference!
    The meter converts dirty electricity frequencies into representative sound so you can listen to the electrical noise on your wiring when the meter is plugged in. Hear the noise decrease as dirty electricity filters are installed.
  • Measures a broad range of dirty electricity frequencies.
    The meter measures dirty electricity (EMI) frequencies from 3 kilohertz up to 10,000 kilohertz (i.e., 10 megahertz), a range that extends approximately 5 times lower and 20 times higher than the range covered by other plug-in dirty electricity meters.
  • Compatible with 50/60-Hz, 100-240V electrical circuits.
    This dirty electricity meter can be used in most countries around the world. It is shipped with a plug suitable for the electrical outlets in your environment.



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Do You Have Too Much Dirty Electricity?

With Greenwave’s Broadband EMI Meter it is easy to find out whether dirty electricity levels in your environment are higher than is desirable. The meter presents dirty electricity readings in millivolts (mV). Ideally levels should be below 25 mV in all rooms within your environment. Levels above 50 mV are undesirable and should be reduced.

Why clean up dirty electricity in your environment? Dirty electricity can interfere with the proper functioning of sensitive electrical equipment. More importantly, it radiates electromagnetic fields (EMF) into rooms, and has been associated with a wide range of health problems. The more dirty electricity on your wiring, the more EMF in your space.

See the Difference Greenwave Filters Make!

Greenwave’s Broadband EMI Meter makes it easy to see the significant difference Greenwave Filters make in cleaning up the electrical noise on your wires. The process is simple.

First, plug the meter into the top socket of an electrical outlet to get a “BEFORE filter” dirty electricity reading.

Next, insert a Greenwave filter into the bottom socket of the same outlet. The “AFTER filter” display screen will show both the initial dirty electricity level and the new level in millivolts (mV). It will also show the % reduction in “electrical noise density.”

Greenwave’s Broadband EMI Meter is also an excellent tool for guiding the installation of Greenwave Filters. It can help you identify significant sources of dirty electricity in your environment and determine the best number of filters to install in each room for optimal results.

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