Recent research suggests connections between behavior/learning and dirty electricity expsoure. In fact, dirty electricity in classrooms may interfere with student learning as well as teacher well-being and performance.

Dr. Magda Havas, a professor at Trent University in Canada, has studied the effects of dirty electricity in schools in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. She found that reducing dirty electricity at the schools led to better student behavior, as reported by teachers.

Teachers spent less time dealing with disruptions, repeating instructions, and starting new lessons. They reported that students:

participated more actively in class.
were more focused and responsive.
had fewer health complaints.
Teachers were better able to focus and concentrate on their teaching. They also reported the following improvements in their own mood and health:

Less frustration, irritability, anxiety and depression
Fewer headaches
Less dizziness
Less body pain
Less fatigue and weakness
Fewer asthma symptoms
Fewer skin irritations
Based on these findings, reducing dirty electricity in schools may create classroom environments that are more conducive to productive learning, especially for students and teachers who are particularly sensitive to this form of electromagnetic energy.

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