And she won worldwide fame and acclaim for her work on the show; one of the most popular and influential shows of all time; as well as several Emmys. It began as a spinoff of All in the Family, but The Jeffersons ended up as the longest-running TV show ever featuring a mostly Black cast, spanning 11 seasons. The Jeffersons is among the greatest Black-led sitcoms, along with being one of the best comedy shows ever. It’s a spin-off of All in the Family, where the Jeffersons were prominent recurring characters.

The writers of All in the Family continued throughout the series to have the Bunkers and other characters use telephone exchange names when giving a telephone number at a time when the Bell System was trying to discontinue them. At different times throughout the series, the exchanges Ravenswood and Bayside – both valid in the area – were used for the Bunkers’ telephone number. Actual residents of the Bunkers’ age continued using exchange names into the early 1980s, which is referred to in the 1979 episode “The Appendectomy”, in which Edith gets confused between the two versions of a number she is dialing. The Bunkers and their neighbors, the Jeffersons, developed relationships with other characters, many of whom got spin-offs of their own. With the series’ cultural relevance and fandom, it’s no surprise All in the Family,The Jeffersons, and Good Times were also revived for a live performance special in 2019.

Main characters

Betty Garrett and Sally Struthers were very close friends in real life, in spite of their age differences. Scott Brady was offered the part of Archie Bunker and even though he turned it down, he later appeared as a different character. Some of Archie’s portrayed bigotry and epithets were directed toward the Irish and Catholics. The US version of Johnny Speight’s hit UK TV series, Till Death Us Do Part .

Sherman Hemsley, who was Norman Lear’s first choice to play George, was performing in the Broadway musical “Purlie” and didn’t want to break his commitment to that show. However, Norman Lear kept the role waiting for him until he was finished appearing in the musical, while George’s brother Henry was featured living with the family. For each episode, two performances were taped and the broadcast version combined the best takes from the two, which is how almost all comedy series are shot today .

There are other projects out there, like a how many spin offs from all in the family of pornographic Brady parodies. The show follows Dr. Frasier Crane as he returns to Seattle after his divorce, with his father moving in and his brother coming back into his life. The spin-off to Cheers is strikingly different in presentation, primarily taking place at Frasier’s radio show, the coffee shop he frequents, and his apartment. Good Times is derived from Maude, which made it the first sitcom to be a spin-off of another spin-off.

Another show that can thank “All in the Family” for its existence is “The Jeffersons,” according to Wikipedia. This show’s main characters, George and Louise Jefferson were neighbors of the Bunkers on “All in the Family.” “The Jeffersons” was a huge hit and ran for 11 seasons. The list of the shows that emerged thanks to “All in the Family,” is pretty impressive. The first of these was “Maude,” which starred Bea Arthur as the title character.

The Big Bang Theory’s Best Love Story Was (Surprisingly) Sheldon and Penny

The Big Bang Theory’s spin-off manages to humanize the generally unlikable sitcom protagonist in Young Sheldon. While Sheldon remains neurotic, he’s a lot cuter and appreciative of his family. The series is set in the late-1980s and early-1990s, serving as a period sitcom with references to its timeframe. The show became Robin Williams’ star-making vehicle, as he wowed viewers with Mork’s various antics. It follows the alien with his human roommate, who eventually becomes his love interest and wife.

  • Lionel is the first Jefferson to be seen on All in the Family, but his parents become an important part of the show, too.
  • Rob Reiner has said that his primary and preferred career goals were in writing and directing as opposed to acting, and auditioned for and accepted a role on the series believing it would only be a temporary gig.
  • Season six starts with the arrival of the new Director of NCIS, Leon Vance, team struggling to deal with their loss, and new faces are introduced.
  • In an EmmyTvlegends interview Carroll O’Connor said that the character of Maude “didn’t resemble anyone” he knew, and that Maude was a markedly inferior sitcom to his own.

The sitcom keeps itself firmly rooted in comedy, with the married couple’s wackiness growing by each year. This enables it to have excellent replay value since fans can watch any episode at random and have just as much fun. Family Matters starts out as a sitcom about a blue-collar family’s daily life before becoming all about Steve Urkel.

NCIS: Los Angeles – Seasons 7 to 12 (2015 –

Once again, the team suffers huge losses, especially Vance and Ziva, and Tony is trying to act on his feelings for his colleague. We finally got the first spin-off of the NCIS universe in episodes 22 and 23, where a case sends McGee and Gibbs to Los Angeles, where they meet their west coast colleagues. A. Thanks to all of the couch potatoes who kindly wrote in to debate which TV show really had the most spinoffs.


From the pulpit, Demond Wilson today says that the rumours were misguided. He reports that his Hollywood life is dead, but his life as a Christian continues to thrive. Gloria, recently divorced from Mike, and son Joey return home to Queens. Archie then learns Gloria left Mike because he joined a commune in California, where he was living with other women.

What Game of Thrones HBO spin-offs are in the works?

If all we’ll ever have is a snap in a hat shop with a shout to the Yellowstone universe, we guess we’ll take that too. Season six marks one of the team members dying and the NCIS team is devastated. Season three follows the departure of an important member of the team, another crossover with the east coast NCIS team, and Pride goes rogue.

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16 Best Book-To-Screen Adaptations On Netflix Right Now.

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‘Turn-On’ was the shortest lived show in TV history, and one of the most fascinating. All American season 4 just touched down on Netflix and if you’re worried about continuing the series just in case it’s not returning, then fear not! A fifth season is on the way and thanks to an existing deal, will be headed to Netflix in 2023. Archie Bunker is a TV icon, but he was almost played by another actor! Mickey Rooney turned down the role, paving the way for Carroll O’Connor! The first of these movies wasThe Brady Bunch Movie, which puts the Brady family into the 1990s, even though they’re still living like it’s the 1970s.

How many seasons are there of All in the Family?

The Cumberbatches are a Black family moving into the Bunkers’ old house in Queens. In a reversal ofAll in the Family, Ernie is liberal while his son is quite conservative. Even before All in the Familyended, Stapleton expressed a desire to distance herself from the role of Edith. Another sparring partner for Archie is neighbor George Jefferson, and the two criticize one another’s race. Archie’s bigotry was never meant to be accepted; rather, the entire sitcom was meant to “throw a humorous spotlight” on human “frailties, prejudices, and concerns,” as a disclaimer before the first episode said. Many great shows and movies turn 50 years old in 2021, andAll in the Familyis one of the most iconic.

The special was so well received by the viewing audience CBS aired reruns of All in the Family during its summer schedule in 1991, garnering higher ratings than the new series scheduled next to it, Norman Lear’s sitcom Sunday Dinner. The latter was Lear’s return to TV series producing after a seven-year absence, and was cancelled after the six-week tryout run due to being poorly received by audiences. Archie Bunker’s Place was technically a spin-off, but was essentially a renamed continuation of the series, beginning in September 1979 following the final season of the original. It was primarily set in the titular neighborhood tavern which Archie Bunker purchased in the eighth season of All in the Family.


All in the spawned Maude, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Checking In, Gloria and 704 Hauser. Sammy Davis Junior appeared on All in the Family and two spinoffs; Archie Bunker’s Place and The Jeffersons. There was a cartoon version of All in the Family which features all dogs and aired in 1972 (called The Barkley’s). Mike Evans who played Lionel Jefferson married someone in real life with the sirname Jefferson.

NCIS – Seasons 1 to 6 (2003 –

Penny Marshall was originally imagined as Gloria and Mickey Rooney as Archie. The episode “Edith’s 50th Birthday” was originally intended to be an episode of One Day at a Time , with Ann Romano as the victim. Writers considered a story line in which Archie had an affair with next door neighbor and contrast/foil Irene Lorenzo, but the plans were dropped as it was determined to be too far out of character for both Archie and Irene. Carroll O’Connor’s personal views on political and social issues were actually very liberal and the polar opposite to those of Archie.

At the same time a song with the same name by Mary Hopkin was a big hit. When a third pilot was developed by CBS, they decided to change the title yet kept the theme song titled “Those Were The Days”. Isabel Sanford, Sherman Hemsley and Mike Evans played the only spinoff characters from All in the Family to return to All in the Family after their show had been spun off. Hemsley and Evans returned for “Mike Makes His Move” in 1975 (Evans’ final appearance), then Hemsley alone on “Mike’s New Job” in 1978, . Sanford returned for an appearance on “The Family Next Door” in 1979, .