Greenwave EMI Broadband Meter

Greenwave’s revolutionary do-it-yourself EMI meter enables individuals to easily measure and monitor levels of dirty electricity, or electromagnetic interference (EMI), on wiring/circuits in their homes, workplaces, and other buildings.  It displays:

  • Average level of EMI on a circuit before installing dirty electricity filters
  • New level of EMI on the circuit after installing filters
  • Percent of total EMI “noise” between 2 Kilohertz and 10 Megahertz reduced by installing the filter(s)
The Greenwave Broadband EMI Meter measures the broadest range of EMI signals available.
Measures EMI signals from 2 Kilohertz up to 10 Megahertz, a range that extends approximately 10 times lower and 20 times higher than the range covered by other dirty electricity meters on the market.
This meter is the first plug-in EMI meter to measure dirty electricity in millivolts (mV), which is the internationally accepted, standardized electrical unit.
Easy to use
Simply plug the meter into any outlet to see how much dirty electricity is on the circuit near the outlet.  Plug a dirty electricity filter into the same outlet and the meter will also show the new (post-filter) level of EMI and the percent of total EMI reduced by the filter.
Makes “BEFORE filter” and “AFTER filter” EMI comparisons easy
EMI readings before and after a dirty electricity filter is installed in an outlet are shown simultaneously on the same screen (in millivolts).  “After filter” display screen also shows the % reduction in total EMI between 2 Kilohertz and 10 Megahertz.
Includes special audio function — HEAR the difference!
You can listen to the dirty electricity on a circuit when the Greenwave EMI meter is plugged in.  Hear the EMI “noise” decrease when you install a dirty electricity filter in the outlet.
The Greenwave Broadband EMI Meter currently comes in two models:
  • 120-volt model: Compatible with AC electrical systems/circuits with voltage ratings from 100 volts up to 150 volts (for example: 100v, 110v, 115v, 120v, and 127v)
  • 240-volt model: Compatible with AC electrical systems/circuits with voltage ratings from 200 volts up to 250 volts (for example: 220v, 230v, 240v).

Either model is $144.95

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