Want to protect teachers and students from dirty electricity at school? Get Greenwave’s Classroom Protection Kit now. Our standard Classroom Protection Kit for the U.S. and Canada includes 5 Greenwave Spectrum 2500i filters, enough to reduce dirty electricity in an average classroom.

The filters come with 3-prong, grounded (Type B) plugs and have a built-in outlet at their base for plug-through convenience. They are UL certified (AC120V, 15A) and RoHS compliant.

2-prong filters are available in our Broadband 1500G filter model.

If you want to purchase filters for multiple classrooms, custom packages are available at bulk pricing. You can order a custom package through our online store or contact Greenwave now for details.

Price: $135.00 USD

Shipping NOT included
60 day return policy

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Greenwave filter kits are available for customers outside the U.S. and Canada. For details, contact Greenwave International directly at [email protected]/newdev, 1-800-506-6098, or 1-415-455-8200. Click HERE for basic information.